Under the best of circumstances, society’s push toward happiness feels overwhelming enough, right?

You must remember: Anxiety and depression are master storytellers. They lull you into evidence-seeking behavior that will prove or justify your inner feelings of worthlessness.

Anxiety and depression whisper in your ear that you’ll be alone and/or in this pain forever, and that there’s really no way out this time.

You must also remember: thoughts are not facts.

Your life may feel like shit right now, but this doesn’t mean your life IS shit, or that you ARE shit, or that it will ALWAYS feel like shit. These are the things we can’t see when we’re in the undertow, and that’s why I’m writing about this … to remind you to keep going.

I took this picture in the ladies’ room of the treatment center. I wondered if I looked as sad as I felt.

Writing Coach. Journalist. Author. Marathoner. Lover of emotions, words & spicy nachos. Find me on Twitter & Insta @tinywolf1, and at www.christinewolf.com

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